What best practices do you follow for your Alfresco project?

Discussion created by romschn on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by muralidharand

While working on Alfresco project, for new comers and also for experienced professionals sometimes, generally I have seen that, one will get started exploring about a specific topic, learn about it and will implement it. However, would not be sure if it is as per the best practice or not. Based on your experience working with Alfresco, if you have any recommendations or suggestions for best practices for Alfresco (may be topic wise), that you generally follow, if you could share that then it would surely help many others. 


I understand best practices is a vast topic, however, any of your inputs (may be to a specific topic as well) will surely help to everyone, in my viewpoint.


I have earlier identified a list of best practices for writing repository web Scripts and here is the link to it for reference.Ramesh Chauhan: 7 Best practices for developing web scripts in Alfresco...