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Cannot upload files or create folders

Question asked by fleon on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by fleon

I have just installed the latest alfresco community on windows server 2008r2 (64 bits)

There's a bug on the installer, that when it is creating the folder where you are going to install, it doesn't assign permissions correctly and postgresql fails to run, therefore aborting.

Workaround is to create the folder manually and assign permissions yourself.


Now the system runs and i go to the repository. I see some folders created by the system itself, so i deleted some of them.


Next step, i want to create a folder. But it gives me an error "could not create folder. duplicate folder name?"

Also, if i try to upload a .doc file to an existing folder, it says Failure error 500 internal server error.


Since the installer has the permissions bug i guess it's quite possible that there could be a bug related to permissions to upload files or create folders, however i don't see any folder name i can recognize on the installed directory.


I am using the default admin account and the system is being run by the domain\administrator account. Can someone help?