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Grails Activiti Plugin 5.0.beta2-PREVIEW Released.

Question asked by limcheekin on Sep 20, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2010 by limcheekin

I would like to announce the Grails Activiti Plugin 5.0.beta2-PREVIEW Released (Even it is called beta2, it is still using Activiti 5.0.beta1 libraries, as I am failed to re-build the Activiti 5.0.beta2-SNAPSHOT from the source code, anyone know the URL to access the nightly build if any?). As mentioned in the title it is just PREVIEW released. The intention is to getting feedback from you, so that your feedback may incorporate into next release of the plugin. (Please do so within these 10 days, before it is too late…  ;) ).

Grails Activiti Plugin is created to integrate Activiti BPM Suite and workflow system to Grails Framework. With the Grails Activiti Plugin, workflow application can be created at your fingertips!

What's new in this 5.0.beta2-PREVIEW release:
    * 3 task lists: My Tasks, Unassigned Tasks and All Tasks
    * Grails Activiti API
    * Vacation Request Sample Application.
    * Major update of project documentation

You can install the plugin of 5.0.beta2-PREVIEW into your grails project using command below:

grails install-plugin
If you are thinking of contribute your process as sample application of the plugin, we are welcome you to do so. You can find out how to do it from step-by-step guides at, please do let's us know if the process is too tedious to you.

Finally, you can find out more about this plugin at following links:
    * Project Site and Documentation:
    * Support:

Wish to hear from you soon! Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Chee Kin