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some explanation required

Question asked by vbossica on Sep 24, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2010 by falko.menge
Hi all,

First of all, I am very impressed by the project and how fast new features are implemented.

I'm coming from the JPDL world and I am trying to make sense of Activiti.  I am particularly interested in seeing how Activiti can be embedded into an existing application. After having read the doc and written some test cases, I still have a few questions:

  • is it possible to execute several UserTasks while having claimed a Task? (like "charge credit card, book seat, prepare email".)  Should it be done with a sub-workflow?

  • is it possible to see the "transitions" that are available while being in a certain state in the workflow?  This is very "state-machine" oriented and I don't know if BPMN is the right abstraction for this kind of problems
Any pointer would be very appreciated