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Activiti 5.0.beta2 Library Dependencies

Question asked by limcheekin on Oct 1, 2010
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I am on the way to upgrade libraries of Grails Activiti Plugin from Activiti 5.0.beta1 to Activiti 5.0.beta2. I have problem to figure out which jar files should I included for the plugin as I have no idea which one is mandatory/optional given beta2 release has introduced so many additional jar files. Some more I need to make sure that if the library exists in Grails Framework, it should not included in the plugin.

I'm currently relied on libs-runtime and libs-test directory of examples/activiti-engine-examples and examples/activiti-spring-examples to figure out the dependencies, but I think this approach is error-prone.

Is there any document I can refer for Activiti 5.0.beta2 Library Dependencies? It will be great and helpful for deployment if there is a document specified the purpose of included library, runtime/test/compile, mandatory/optional, etc.

Please advice.

Chee Kin