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Question on Activiti Designer

Question asked by andrea.zoppello on Oct 1, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2011 by ronald.van.kuijk

First off all my congratulation for the project! Great Stuff…

I'm evaluating activiti, and in particular the Eclipse Designer and i've some consideration question:

1) I appreciate the choose of Graphiti instead of GMF. Great choice…. In my opinion Graphiti is the
right way towards the generation of Graphical Editors..

2) I'm not able to get the bpmn2 xml file generated. When i and choose "Export BPMN2 XML"
i've no error but i cannot find the bpmn2 file…. I've try to look at error tab in eclipse but it seems there are no
error, so i cannot figure where the problem is…

3) I see that when i create an Activiti project, a project with default maven layout is generated.
Now Maven sounds good, and it's great…. but there could be some sistuation where it would be possible
to use the designer without to be forced to use a maven layout for the project.

A BPMN modeler designer, could be ( and probably would be ) used in first step also by not-technical,
not-developer people…. so having the project structure to be maven like could be not the best choice.

3) I see that when  i use service task you must specify a Java Class as parameter
I'm not a BPMN2 Spec expert so i don't know how this is expresses in BPMN but in my opinion a service task
shoud take a "service identifier" parameter and let to a technical detail choice is this is would be a java class,
or something else….

4) Do you plan to support pool and lanes????