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BPMN Activity 'documentation' element

Question asked by mlawler on Oct 6, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2010 by iravanchi
If I have a <userTask> element in my BPMN20.xml process definition, I can add a <documentation> element inside it. Great.

But I cant see how I can do that with other elements such as manualTask.

Why cant a manualTask have some documentation? My app's usage of Activiti would like it :-)

It looks like the documentation element is parsed into the UserTaskActivity's TaskDefinition object rather than in the ActivityImpl.

The ManualTaskActivity behaviour does not have a TaskDefinition.

Any reason for this?

Can I supply a patch to provide documentation for manualTasks?

What would be the preferred design?

(a) Add a documentation element directly to the ManualTaskActivity and parse it via parseDocumentation() from BpmnParse.parseManualTask()

(b) Add a TaskDefinition to ManualTaskActivity (this smells like a conceptual clash because a ManualTaskActivity is not assignable etc)


© Perhaps the documentation element should be refactored out of TaskDefinition to a more common position so that different Activity types can all leverage it.