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[DISCUSS] OSGi friendliness ... or more

Question asked by gnodet on Oct 5, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2010 by jvazquez
I'd like to be able to deploy Activiti in OSGi, so I'm gonna work on that in the near future and contribute it if there is an interest in that (hopefully there is).

I haven't seen any work on that yet, so I guess I'll start from scratch.  The question is first:
  * are developers familiar with OSGi at all ?
  * what kind of integration in OSGi do we want ?

The first one is mostly to know who i'm talking to ;-)  I've been working with OSGi since a few years, but I suppose everybody is not in my case.  Anyway, the important is the second question obviously.  There are two different possible ways, one being a limited OSGi integration (mostly providing the needed OSGi bundles to get all the dependencies and a big bundle for Activiti itself), the other one is to leverage OSGi more in order to use it's dynamism and pluggability through the OSGi registry.  I don't have a good grasp of Activiti's architecture yet, so I can't dive into details at this point).

This email is mostly to gauge interest in OSGi …