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Reasign task to another user

Question asked by jcosano on Oct 7, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2010 by jcosano
I have an userTask with a form, user that claims task can re-assign task to another user, and finally complete this task.

BPMN has a cycle to the same userTask seeing if action is reassign. This userTask has defined potencialOwner a specific group.


How can I force that new Task is claim by user selected by first user?

All 2 users belongs to the same group (defined in userTask).

My best idea is create a TimerEvent associated to userTask, but, I only need to be executed 1 time, for force reasign, but if I repeat every 5 seconds… I'm doing a lot of work for nothing…

I'm working with activiti explorer.