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Activiti Modeler beta2

Question asked by user on Oct 7, 2010

i have some questions about the modeler.

I look at the vacationrequest process in the modeler and in eclipse (examples).

In eclipse the forms are added by the event: by the first task
<userTask id="handleRequest" name="Handle vacation request"
              activiti:form="org/activiti/examples/taskforms/approve.form" >
        Vacation request by ${employeeName}

and in the modeler, where can i find this?
i see more attributes and there at the point ressources a input. is this the right place for the forms or where is the form linked? but there is no data about this form.
Is the process in the modeler already works? or it is only the graphical-sight?

I find a debug at the modeler by testing it:
- when you see the ressource, you can't see the whole input in this line. by clicking in this line the inputs are away. you can't take the cursor to see the whole inputs.