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Task Variables and Subtask.

Question asked by l.marinkov on Oct 18, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2010 by jbarrez
Currently we are using JBPM 4.3 in our Task Management project and we would like to switch to ACTIVITI.
I looked at the API of the current Activiti 5.0.beta2  release and detected that important features are missing
compared to JBPM 4.3. The taskService in JBPM allows adhoc creation of tasks and subtasks:

Task task = taskService.newTask();
// creation of a subTask
Task subTask = taskService.newTask(task.getId());

Also the JBPM taskService supports task variables:
taskService.serVariables(task.getId(), variables);

In the current Activiti release only task creation is supported:

Task   newTask()  Creates a new task that is not related to any process instance.
Task   newTask(java.lang.String taskId)  create a new task with a user defined task id

I looked at the roadmap and tried to find out if subtask and variables support is expected but
the only issue related to the topic is "ACT-117 Dynamic sub tasks". Because there are no
comments it is hard to guess if this issue is really related to subtask creation.

I will be very grateful if someone can outline if those features (subtasks, task variables) will be supported in future releases of activiti.