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activiti-juel jar versioning

Question asked by gnodet on Oct 19, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2010 by gnodet
While adding some OSGi metadata to activiti-juel, I ran into the problem that this jar isn't versioned as a snapshot, but the version is the one derived from juel.  I don't think it works as no modification should be made to a non snapshot jar.
A solution would be to just drop the original 2.2.1 version (as no one really cares if we version it along with all the other activiti jars).    Another one could be to add the version of the original jar in the artifact id:
   groupId = org.activiti
   artifactId = activiti-juel-2.2.1
   version = 5.0.rc1-SNAPSHOT

I think the first one is the easiest and we can just add a comment in the pom to indicate which version was used as the original juel source code.