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About task id...

Question asked by jcosano on Oct 19, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2010 by jcosano
I have this structure (target send an email with taskId waitting for do)

- parallelGateway fork
branch1: userTask (sequenceFlow join)
branch2:  serviceTask + serviceTask Mail (sequenceFlow join)
- parallelGateway join

serviceTask: obtain task id of userTask branch1:
String idTask = engine.getTaskService().createTaskQuery().processInstanceId(key).singleResult().getId();
And move this value to variable used in serviceTask Mail

Ok, seems that "join" regenerate userTask assign a new Id.. then  workaround fail because taskid sended in mail doen't exists.
I don't need do "join" but if i don't put join node, I have an sql error.

Question is: Why task change its id?