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new rest2 webapp

Question asked by tombaeyens on Oct 29, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2010 by erikwinlof
Huh, what is the rest2 webapp?

we're trying out a new rest style.  one that gives us better control.  we're not that happy with the indirect steps of the template rendering.  lot of things need to be right in order for it to work and we believe it could be done simpler.
so we're now trying out a simple servlet approach and building JSONObjects in the servlet that get streamed to the client.

the api should be fairly stable now.  rest api is not yet as there is already legacy in the original rest api.  so we want to combine 2 steps in one:
1) make the rest impl simpler
2) review the rest calls and sync them with the api as it is stable now.

but there is no final decision on this servlet strategy yet.   we're still in try-out mode.