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Stuck in ServiceTask

Question asked by arief on Nov 1, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2010 by jbarrez

I have the following flow

        <serviceTask id="generateInventoryRelease"
                 name="Generate Inventory Release"
                 activiti:class="com.cmms.util.WorkOrderToInventoryReleaseGen" />
        <sequenceFlow id="flow2" sourceRef="generateInventoryRelease" targetRef="reviewInventoryRelease" />
        <userTask id="reviewInventoryRelease" name="Review Inventory Release"
              activiti:form="/inventoryRelease/approval" >
                Request for inventory release [${inventoryReleaseId}]

The process went to execute the serviceTask

    public void execute(ActivityExecution execution) throws Exception {

I believe it has completed the last line (setting variable), as I've seen the variable set in table act_ru_variable

However, the process didn't continue to the next flow.
Did I miss something here?

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