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Passing Variables to Subprocess

Question asked by flavio.donze on Nov 2, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2010 by jbarrez

I'm trying to convert my framework which used jBPM to using Activiti.

With jBPM I was able to pass variables to the subprocess using:

<sub-process name="commit" sub-process-key="Commit">
   <parameter-in subvar="objectId" var="objectId" />
   <parameter-in subvar="objectType" var="objectType" />
   <parameter-in subvar="version" var="version" />
   <parameter-in subvar="workflowInstance" var="workflowInstance" />

   <transition to="endCommit" name="end" />

I read this post:
Isn't there a similar way like jBPM, something like:

<callActivity id="callCommit" name="Commit" calledElement="Commit">
       <activiti:resultVariableName name="objectId" expression="${objectId}"/>
       <activiti:field name="objectType" expression="${objectType}"/>
       <activiti:field name="version" expression="${version}"/>
       <activiti:field name="workflowInstance" expression="${workflowInstance}"/>

Or is there a way to access variables from the super process?