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Demo.setup: Tomcat properties only working for Linux and Mac

Question asked by thilka on Nov 8, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2010 by tombaeyens
… but not for windows.

In the tomcat.install task in the demo setup, there is some special handling to put the JAVA_OPTS in the file for Linux and Mac. But there is no equivalent handling for the catalina.bat file used under windows.

There was an error concerning the PermGenSpace of the tomcat under windows. It was almost impossible to try the demos since the tomcat ran out of (PermGenSpace) Memory. That's how I found the missing JAVA_OPTS handling for windows.

I fixed the issue, see the code below.

  <target name="tomcat.install">
    <mkdir dir="${activiti.home}/apps" />
    <property name="tomcat.distro" value="${downloads.dir}/${tomcat.filename}" />
    <available property="is.tomcat.available" file="${tomcat.distro}" />
    <antcall target="" />
    <unzip src="${tomcat.distro}" dest="${activiti.home}/apps"/>
    <available file="${user.home}/.activiti/tomcat-users.xml" property="tomcat.users.available" />
    <antcall target="tomcat.copy.users" />
    <antcall target="tomcat.enable.debug" />
    <replace file="${tomcat.home}/bin/">

    <replace file="${tomcat.home}/bin/" token="" value="${}" />
    <chmod perm="a+x" os="Linux, Mac OS X">
      <fileset dir="${tomcat.home}/bin">
        <include name="*.sh" />
     <!– begin special handling for windows –>
     <replace file="${tomcat.home}/bin/catalina.bat">
           <replacetoken><![CDATA[rem —– Execute The Requested Command —————————————]]></replacetoken>
           <replacevalue><![CDATA[rem —– Execute The Requested Command —————————————

    <replace file="${tomcat.home}/bin/catalina.bat" token="" value="${}" />
     <!– end special handling for windows –>
     <copy file="${activiti.home}/setup/files/tomcat/" todir="${tomcat.home}/conf" overwrite="true" />

In general, could you please add some troubleshooting guide to your demo setup environment?
There were three problems when I tried to run RC1 demos on my computer:
(1) The proxy was not set correctly. Therefore, maven could not find the jars to download. (Fixed by patching the settings.xml file in maven's conf folder)
(2) If the libs-runtime/libs-test folder already existed, maven did not download the files after setting the proxy correctly. Removing those folder resulted in proper downloading of the dependent libraries. I think the folders were created before the proxy error failed the demo.setup. So could you just add some kind of clean task to clean those output folders?
(3) The issue with PermGenSpace which were caused by the error described above.

I think it is great to have some kind of "magic" target like demo.setup which sets up all the necessary components. But if something goes wrong, the users are frustrated since they don't understand all the magic behind the scenes. Some troubleshooting guide and some more testing on windows would help the user to get going with activiti more quickly. I already heared from a friend of mine who tried to evaluate activiti, but gave up after half a day since the magic did not work.

Don't get me wrong, I really like activiti. But it would be nice to get the demo-setup working without having to fix several "magic" issues.