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refactoring the distro

Question asked by tombaeyens on Nov 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2010 by jcosano
hi, i just committed a refactoring of the distribution

i replaced the maven dependency downloading that users had to do.  now the libs are included in the distribution file and an ant script can build the wars and examples with those libs that are in a central place (setup/files/dependencies/libs)

also i renamed the setup targets demo.setup to demo.start and renamed demo.teardown to demo.stop.  i also made those targets idempotent.  so the first time you run the demo.start, it will also install everything.  and the next times it will just start the tomcat server and the h2 server.

i grouped all the examples in the top level workspace dir:
* activiti-engine-examples
* activiti-spring-examples
* activiti-cycle-examples (this is the cycle project that used to be somewhere else)
* activiti-modeler-examples (this is the signavio model repo that used to be somewhere else)

let me know if i broke something