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Installing Activiti in existing tomcat environment

Question asked by buetti on Nov 11, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2010 by buetti
Hi all,

I have an ubuntu server 10.10 und an existing apache2 and tomcat installation. Now I would like to install activiti in the Tomcat container. For that I would like to use a mysql database. I created the database 'activiti' with the user 'activiti'. Now I configure the build files as in the attachment. I changed the default database to mysql and typed in the location of the tomcat directory. Further I changed the default ant target 'demo.setup' and deleted the targets for h2 and tomcat installation. The installation went fine, but I can't access any activiti app wether cycle, probe, nor modeler etc.

I'm a noob to linux, apache and so on, sorry for that - please help! ;)

kind regards