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Process Name and Namespace issues with Activiti Modeler

Question asked by gerry.fisher on Nov 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2010 by jbarrez
Release: Activiti-5.0.rc1 and Activiti-5.0.beta2
Browser: Firefox 3.6.12
Server: Tomcat 6.0.29

There are 2 issues with the modeler and the workflow/process definition generated. These look to me like bugs but I'm running my comments past the forum first as I haven't come across any mention so far:

1. The name I give to a process in the modeler is not appearing in the process definition tag:
<process id="sid-dcc8f5f0-cf3c-4336-b073-2c54aa009f08" isClosed="false" isExecutable="false">
I'm expecting something like (one of the examples that ships with each release):
<process id="oryx_77c62be5-953d-4704-983e-c074802a57d7"  name="Mixed candidate user and group example">
As a result of the missing name attribute, table ACT_RE_PROCDEF.NAME_ = null. I can rectify this by manually adding the name attribute to the process tag:
<process id="sid-dcc8f5f0-cf3c-4336-b073-2c54aa009f08" isClosed="false" isExecutable="false" name="My Process Name">
In addition to the missing name attribute, the process definition tag contains attribute isExecutable="false" despite the fact that I declared Process Type = Executable in the modeler. However, isExecutable="false" seems to have no effect since I can instantiate the process anyway.

2. I cannot save a model if I add namespaces. If I attempt to save the model I get a dialog box with the following error:
Something went wrong when trying to save your diagram. Please try again. If the problem resides [sic], please contact the Signavio Support via the envelope symbol in the toolbar.

Although the .signavio.xml file is saved by the modeler, the .bpmn20.xml is not saved. Clearly something going wrong during conversion from the model definition to the workflow definition.