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Using forms in production [Ant scripts]

Question asked by experimental on Nov 23, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2010 by markushbm
Hello there,

Edit I am now using Ant scripts to help control the process lifecycle. I'm not sure if it is correct but it helps.

I have got Activiti working and the provided example processes and form work fine. I have a number of questions how Activiti is expected to be used in production.
  • I see that the forms are referenced through the Activiti namespaced attribute formKey within the BPMN file to the path of the form.

  • Is it possible to specify this within the modeler? Is it possible to deploy processes from outside the Modeller and directly through files, like dropping the files into a folder?

  • Must the forms always be in the WEB-APPS folder of tomcat? Is there a way to setup some kind of repository that is separately maintainable?

  • Does the raw BPMN file in Cycle exclude the Activiti extensions? How do I know that I have been using the extensions?

  • Once you have made a process in the modeler, how do you deploy it so it becomes available in the processes view in Activiti Explorer? I made a process but it appears nowhere but within Modeler.
Edit Renamed topic.