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Deployment versioning

Question asked by walterjs on Nov 25, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2010 by kapokfly
Hi there,

I saw this in the "Deployment" section of the user guide:

Note that Java classes present in the business archive will not be added to the classpath. All custom classes used in process definitions in the business archive (for example Java service tasks or event listener implementations) should be present on the activiti-engine's classpath in order to run the processes.

I'm very familiar with jBPM 4 and have used it extensively to deploy agile business processes. One of the key aspects of the strategy is the quick deployment of new processes (and all the associated "code") at runtime.

Does the above statement mean that to achieve the same result, I will have to version my java classes (listeners, etc) by adding the version number to the name (and then restarting the server)? Is there a different strategy that I should follow instead?