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Event bus and threads

Question asked by neruz on Nov 26, 2010

I've been using activiti together with grails ( and the activiti grails plugin ), and I'm having some issues with execution listeners and the task flow in general.
When I have an execution listener in a task I call 'completeTask()' on, the http thread which it's called from freezes if the listener blocks. After some research I found out the executionlistener runs on the same thread 'completeTask()' was called from. I would have expected it to run on an event thread and completeTask to return immediately after the task is completed (it looks like the process flow is single threaded and only returns control to the caller if the flow is halted ).

Also, execution listeners are only called once, and if the flow returns to the same event, it's not called again, is this intended?

So, are there any plans to implement an event bus thread and/or async processing of the tasks? I understand these changes would greatly alter how activiti works, so I might just be trying to use it the wrong way.