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Not able to run activiti local within Eclipse

Question asked by peetdeprutser on Nov 26, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2010 by falko.menge

I've followed the user guide to setup eclipse for using Activiti. The installation went without problem. Eclipse Helios, SVN, Maven etc.. Project checkout and creation. Even the build is correct. So far so good. From previous projects creating web applications I was used to create (using WTP) a dynamic web project so I can develop and test locally without deploying every time. I've tried to do so also for Activiti. This will not work. Perhaps because having not enough Knowledge. The problems that I encounter are:
1. The project facet Dynamic Web Module can't be changed to 2.5, it's now 3.0 and that cannot run on Tomcat 6 server.
2. Not able to dynamically run the engine, mule, etc. within Tomcat 6 server.

So my question are:
Has someone already successfully installed a working local version, within eclipse, for Activti?
Is there an other way to local develop/debug Activiti?