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Support for transactional sub processes

Question asked by trainp on Nov 30, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2010 by jbarrez
Are there plans to support BPMN transactional sub processes?  While trying to get a transactional sub process with a compensation boundary event on a nested task working, I stumbled on the following Activiti code (RC1 code):
      } elseif (activityElement.getTagName().equals("sendTask")
              || activityElement.getTagName().equals("adHocSubProcess")
              || activityElement.getTagName().equals("businessRuleTask")
              || activityElement.getTagName().equals("complexGateway")
              || activityElement.getTagName().equals("eventBasedGateway")
              || activityElement.getTagName().equals("transaction")) {
        addWarning("Ignoring unsupported activity type", activityElement);

      // Depending on the sub-element definition, the correct activityBehavior
      // parsing is selected
      Element timerEventDefinition = boundaryEventElement.element("timerEventDefinition");
      if (timerEventDefinition != null) {
        parseBoundaryTimerEventDefinition(timerEventDefinition, interrupting, nestedActivity);
      } else {
        addError("Unsupported boundary event type", boundaryEventElement);

I can't find any indication that these features are on the roadmap or that there is an open issue to resolve.

Is there a statement of which BPMN features are not supported anywhere and whether there are plans to provide support for these features?
In particular, are there plans to implement the features required to support transactional sub processes?

Is there a workable work around to provide support for compensation?