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Eclipse Activiti Designer Archived

Question asked by yangyang.qian on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2011 by yangyang.qian
We've always had lots of trouble trying to reach out to websites via automation tools like Maven, Ant, Eclipse's installer, etc due to our company's proxy settings.

I remembered that in the jBPM 4.4 project, there was a way to install the jBPM Eclipse graphical editor plugins from an archived file (install/src/gpd/ that was part of the manually download-able distribution (see )

I don't suppose there's a similar set up for the Activiti's Eclipse graphical editor plug-ins? … for us poor folk who labor behind proxies :)  ? The user guide just mentions the "use Eclipse installer" method and I couldn't find an good lead in the forums.