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Problems with Activiti Mail Task

Question asked by markushbm on Dec 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2011 by markushbm

I tried to implement a basic mailing process which just generates an email and sends it to a specific address. Basically, Iit is based on the mail example from the userguide.

I have got some German chars (äöüß) in the text but after the email has been sent and arrives in my mailbox, the umlauts are replaced with garbage. the bpmn20.xml is encoded in utf-8 with the proper xml encoding value in the file. Any suggestions?

EDIT: When I manually set my mailclient to ISO-8859-15 the mail looks fine. But the mail headers say that the mail is encoded in utf-8. Is there something wrong with mail handling?

This somehow leads to my other issue. Every time after I have edited the bpmn20.xml file I wanted to redeploy my process. So, I went to Probe - Deployments, deleted my and reployed my process with an ant target. I can now select my process in Explorer, but it is still an old version of the process (e.g. changing the from address in my email task and redeploying still gives me the old from address)

I hope someone is able to support me. :-) If you have any other suggestions like "Hey, it's much easier to deploy processes with…" please don't hesitate to answer this post.