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Activiti source code in Maven repository

Question asked by averberne on Dec 9, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2010 by averberne
Could you please place the source code of the activiti-engine-5.0.jar and activiti-spring-5.0.jar in the Maven repository ( next to these jars?

This would be very handy because m2eclipse, the maven plugin for Eclipse, creates a special "Maven Dependencies" library on the classpath of your eclipse project with in it all the jars on which the project depends. Then m2eclipse provides the functionality to download the sources of these jars by right clicking the jar and selecting Maven -> download sources. Regrettebly it is noy possible to manual add the jar with the source code to a jar in this m2eclipse managed library on the classpath. So currently I cannot easily get to the source of the Activiti classes  :( .  Therefore it would be very confiniend when the source could be downloaded by m2eclipse from the Maven repository.

Andy Verberne