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Broadcasting data by activiti to other systems

Question asked by mady on Dec 15, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2010 by mady
Here's my situation: lets say a user creates a flow using the activiti designer, then adds some code to the xml by hand. After he finishes he uses activiti-explorer and the other apps to load it and start the process. Lets say that process has 2 tasks and that the user starts the first one (which will last for a certain amount of time). Is there a way (webservices etc.) to make activiti broadcast the fact that task1 is completed when it finishes? I'd like to notice my own application that task1 finished (and preferably lets the user to start task2). I know I can get the state of that task/process using REST, but I'd prefer not to have to request it ever X seconds/minutes/hours/whatever but to get it from activiti when the state changes.