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Integrating Activiti with Apache Camel

Question asked by mproch on Dec 20, 2010
Latest reply on May 14, 2011 by psiva
I created simple component for integration of Activiti with Apache Camel (

There are two use cases:
- implementing receive tasks using camel, so that one can write camel route:
which signals activity with id receive in process simpleProcess i.e.
<receiveTask id="receive" name="Wait State" />
- implementing service tasks using camel, so that one can write:
and in process code sth like:
<serviceTask id="serviceTask" activiti:delegateExpression="${camel}"/>
(where var1 is name of process variable).

In the future I hope it would be possible to integrate it with OSGI deployment, especially when is resolved. It would be also good to find some nicer way of invoking camel from activiti process.

The code is on github:
I would be happy to contribute it to Activiti.

what do you think about it?