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Exception Manager and Asyncrhonous Continous

Question asked by alexisgc on Dec 23, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2010 by trademak
I would like to know how is the exception manager in Activiti. Exist a way to restore a Process Instance after it's execution was interrupted? I've constructed some flows and I saw that the execution's variables are saved only when a "User Task" will be executed, in other cases (when don't exist any "User Task" in the flow) execution variables aren't saved, so that originate my question "How can I re-launch the Process Instance in a exception case if the execution variables weren't saved?", I suppose exist a way to re-initiate the flow since the last Task executed correctly and for that is necessary to have the execution variables.
Please, could you tell me if the last released version of Activiti could do that or if that feature will be included in future releases?.

PS: Sorry for my bad English.