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Problem with Form rendering to JSP

Question asked by parul_vipparthi on Dec 27, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by advisor_team

I am using activiti as workflow and jsp as front end.
I have a process file having user tasks and associated forms to complete the tasks.

        <userTask name="Search Document on First Name, Last Name, SSN" id="searchdoc_on_fn_ln"

Now I am able to run this process but my problem is if i get the form for the above usertask using

it works fine and prints the values of the process variables too which are used within the form but will not parse the server side code (ex. jsp scriptlets).
And if I copy the form in the server and use
the server side code is parsed but does not print values of process variables.

What is the right way of finding a solution for this.
Please help.

best regards

The full source code is attached. [attachment=0][/attachment]