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Including link to external subprocess

Question asked by mzm2lh1 on Jan 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2011 by rmeziani
I am confused as to how to include an externally defined subprocess in a process definition.  I have created a process that I wish to reuse in a number of places.  In order to invoke it from another process (call activity), I add a task (or collapsed subprocess), and modify the property attributes (e.g., 'Is a Call Activity'), but it doesn't seem to generate a callActivity element in the resulting BPMN XML.  When I expand the subprocess (that I have tried to define as a call activity), the modeler opens a new tab of the same (parent) process, instead of the subprocess (call activity).

Can you please direct me to some documentation or help me understand how I should be incorporating reusable processes in other processes.  Thank you.