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new process solution

Question asked by tombaeyens on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2011 by bernd.ruecker

I'ld like to discuss the new process solution template presented in

Having a kind of wizard form to create new content is good I think.  Especially for the use case where business people want to start with a new idea. 

But I think the scope of the current 'process solution' is too big from the start.  It's true that Activiti Cycle wants to span all lifecycle phases related to process developement.  But I think those phases grow over time.  And at the start, it is impossible to predict and pre-create this whole structure.

At the bottom, I have sketched how I would see such a process solution template.  (I called it a new initiative, but the name is irrelevant).  In the new initiative proposal I start with only a wiki page instead of (a virtual directory containing 4 real folders in multiple repositories).

As I said, I like the idea of creating a wizard to build the initial structure. But I think the virtual directory makes it less intuitive.  And I think when you start a new initiative, at that point, you don't know yet what kind of documents, processes or projects you're going to make.  I think the human interaction management approach where you capture the ideas that grow organically in a discussion is more powerful.

Then the next aspect is email.  I think we make Activiti Cycle a winner if we manage to convince every day managers that capturing discussions in this structured way is as simple as writing an email.  This means that also replies should be automatically captured.  And we need to think about the how we can integrate email and make discussions in Activiti Cycle as simple as email.