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Use global beans in a process without a Spring context

Question asked by sruiz on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2011 by sruiz
I'm trying to use a bean inside a serviceTask. This bean should be a field and common to several service tasks.

I tried to insert the bean as a variable. But checking the exception, I find that I can not. It's not storable (the bean is not a persistent object or a primitive so the I supose that the process engine can not charge in memory).

Then, I've tried to insert the bean inside the activiti.cfg.xml unsuccessfully. There is no error when the process engine is loaded but the process engine can not find the bean when I use the service Task. Inspecting the source, ProcessEngineConfiguration only charge the process engine from the xml file.

I've read in the User Manual that it's possible to use beans with the help of Spring Context.
Shall I need ALWAYS to use Spring Context for the use of global beans in the process engine?