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Query all Tasks of a Process

Question asked by didge on Jan 10, 2011
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I would like to use Activiti as our new process management system, but one of the requirements of our system is, that it is possible to work on all task.
That means you can edit the current task, add something to an already finished task or write a little note to a task that will start in the future.
I already asked on IRC and someone told me, that BPMN allows only working on the current task.
So my question are:

Are there any technical problems with our approach, that can't be solved?
Is it possible to query and edit all tasks, even those in the future and finished ones?
Or is it possible to change the TaskQuery so this is possible?

I couldn't find the part in the source, where the SQL string is build out of the TaskQuery.

Bye Jens