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DB Version check very unhandy for process deployment

Question asked by bernd.ruecker on Jan 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2011 by tombaeyens
Hey guys.

One problem I currently face with our examples, demos, showcases. But they could get a real life problem as well, so I think we should give it some thought (or maybe you did already and I missed it?).

When I want to deploy a process via ant, the activiti-engine.jar is used together with a activiti.cfg.xml pointing to the database. When I now change the Activiti version (either in the development project or in the Activiti server) I cannot deploy any longer, because I get the exception that the database version doesn't match.

But for pure deployment there is normally no need that they match.

Any ideas how to remedy that? Or can I configure to skip that check (which would solve the deployment scenario)?