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Displaying process instance information in Activtit Probe

Question asked by mproch on Jan 19, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2011 by jherryft
Currently there is no way of showing process instances for given process definition in UI.

I made new tab in Activiti Probe, providing this functionality. In left menu there is process definitions list (as in Database tab). When one clicks on process definition table with basic process instance info is displayed.
It is also possible to display process diagram with current activities highlighted. I think quite many users would like this feature - it's present e.g. in JBPM.

Changes involved:
- activiti-webapp-probe & activiti-webapp - standard code displaying new table
- activiti-engine - small change to ProcessDiagramGenerator & ProcessDiagramCanvas, to highlight selected activities.
- activiti-webapp-rest - two new webscripts:
  - process-instances - using processInstanceQuery to get instances, it's possible to query by businessKey and processDefinitionId - so fairly standard thing I think
  - processInstance/{processInstanceId}/diagram - to display current activities on process diagram. This dynamically generates diagram, based on deployed ProcessDefinitionEntity

I decided to implement this stuff myself, as I'm showing Activiti on Warsaw JUG meeting next week - there will be comparison with IBM tools - so I thought that without any way of running instances I wouldn't make good impression ;)
Now, I'd like to ask if there are any plans for such functionality - couldn't find it in roadmap. I think it would be good to include it in Activiti code base.