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Abuse of the dataInputAssociation

Question asked by bernd.ruecker on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2011 by tombaeyens
I now use the same shortcut for the CallActivity which is used in the WebServiceTask. But what I recognized is, that it only works if you disable schema validation (basically because the IDREF doesn’t have a correct target). See

I would say that is a no go! Either we implement the spec correctly, or we add own extensions. And forcing people to disable schema validation for shortcuts is a pretty bad idea. What do you guys think? Or does anybody know an easy solution to get the schema validation to work?

To test/see it go to the CallActivityAdvancedTest / testSubProcessWithDataInputOutput and switch the schemaValidation attribute of the @Deployment annotation to true (and the test will fail).

mmm, never noticed that. Thanks for pointing that out, because that is most certainly NOT the idea.

So there are two options here:
- removing the shortcut, and implementing the real deal
- fixing the shortcut

I4'm actually more in favour of the first option at this point, since we wont get any surprises from that …