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Receive Task Behavior

Question asked by rdiaz1 on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2011 by jbarrez
Hi there,

I´ve apreciated an strange behavior in one process.  My process looks like below:

StartEvent + ReceiveTask1 + UserTask1 + UserTask2 + ReceiveTask2 + UserTask3 +EndEvent

The ReceiveTask1 waits a email from X, while ReceiveTask2 waits a email from Y. And, as UserTask1 like UserTask2 have one user assigned, UserA.

I start this process and the first email that is sent comes from Y, the second one comes from X. So, the process starts and the UserA receives like offered as UserTask1 like UserTask3 at the same time more and less…

And I wonder, is not necessary that the UserA completes the UserTask1 first? because UserTask2 is not offered until he completes UserTask1..why is offered UserTask3? Apart from that, the UserA can complete the UserTask3, ans then the UserTask2… How is this possible?if after the UserTask3 there´s an EndEvent…

Let me think that this is a bug in the engine….isnt it?

Thanks very much