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Activiti & CDI

Question asked by meyerd on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by kgastaldo
I saw Ronald's commit(s) today and realized that I have something quite similar in the pipeline.

It looks to me like what has been committed today is essentially a set of JSF-Components and a set of CDI-Components and Annotations for Human-Task-Management. Looks pretty cool.

I have something similar although I took it a bit further: I have written a proper CDI-Extension providing an own scope (@ProcessScoped) and also Unified-EL in the process, i.e. I can write sth. like #{myBean.method(…)} 'myBean' being a CDI-managed Bean so potentially also an EJB… (I saw some discussion around EJB-invocation in the last weeks, so this would be yet another possibility :) )

I have also developed a variation of the travel-expenses process as an example application, deployable using JBoss AS-6 with activiti-engine embedded.

I will try to clean this up and commit it over the weekend.

Ronald, if you are interested in pursuing this, I would be ready to help out and contribute.