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Question asked by heymjo on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by tombaeyens

We are currently looking to standardize on a workflow solution in our organization so i'm going through the Activiti docs and trying out the demo. Next on my list will be Bonita and Oracle BPM suite. JBPM 4 is not being considered because of its dependency on JBOSS AS for the tooling (even though they claim it doesn't). JBPM 3 and OSWorkflow are equally not considered because old / unsupported / not standards based. That is the big picture.

So far everything what i've seen in Activiti looks very promising :) I have a few questions still that i'm hoping more experienced Activiti users or developers could help me with

- Is the toolsuite (probe/explorer/cycle etc) supported on Weblogic application server (9.2 MP2 or 10.3.x) ? I know it should Just Work ™ but has anybody tried it actually or is running it in a live production environment ?
- Is it recommended to have a process database per application (ACT_* tables in the application schema?) or is a single process database per organization with multiple applications and different workflows pointing to it equally supported ? The latter would require XA for atomic use case execution and from the docs it is not so clear if it this is supported currently.
- Can Activiti play a role in an organization wanting to move long term towards expensive buzzwords like SOA, ESB with the corresponding expensive tooling ? Will Activiti brand itself long term, as a component supporting SOA architectures or is SOA orientation not on the roadmap at all ? (I am not sure these questions make much sense but it is a consideration i need to address for my hierarchy).
- What is the role of SpringSource on the team ? (not really a decision factor just curious :)

BTW, big congratulations on the excellent work so far. To emerge such integrated toolsuite in less than a year is quite impressive and very promising for the future !!