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Activiti 5.2 Comments

Question asked by on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by jbarrez
Hi Activity Core team

Just laid my hands on Activiti 5.2…. its "Rocking"  :D, indeed you guys have done a marvelous Job in terms of new feature, enhancements and speed of releases.

However found couple of small issues, please have a look:

1. Round tripping from Activiti Modeler to Eclipse based designer (import of BPMN 20 files).

Comments: I tried import review sales lead in (provided in engine examples ), the import happened successfully but the rendered image was incomplete. I have attached the same in  a document please have a look.

2. Current state in process flow in Probe.

    Comments: The display diagram action in Probe is not visible for all processes, for example its visible for review sales lead but not for vacation request process…. The diagrams rendered in Activity explorer for these processes too looks a bit different…the Vacation request looks to be generated from Activiti Modeler and Review sales lead looks to be generated from eclipse based designer. Am i missing something… please let us know.

3. I was expecting for each construct support… any hints regarding the timeframe in which it might be included?

Thank you