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Extending the formProperty with access to te rawValue

Question asked by ronald.van.kuijk on Feb 3, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2011 by njames
As requested by Tom I discuss here why I submitted, a request to ADD a getter and setter for the raw value of the formproperty.

Toms first remark was that not all web-ui frameworks can use the java objects. I fully understand this and never said that it should replace the getter and setter of the string typed value. It should be an addition.

Secondly he mentioned that I could use the value of the variable directly. If I do just that and do not use the FormProperty, then I miss all readonly, write only and more things. Besides that, how should I know which value to retrieve since the FormProperty can have a variable reference where the name of the property is different to the name of the variable. So I'd have to use the form property anyhow. And in addition I'd have to write code to parse the variable reference expression etc… I'm totally not in favour of doing all this additional work where it is already done for me in the formProperty handler, the only thing that is missing is exposing this raw value (it is called modelValue internally).

I personally think my arguments are valid hope everybody agrees. I do not want to have to fork the Activiti-engine for this (like the designer) :D  :lol:  8-)