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Adding predefined tasks

Question asked by alexbt on Feb 4, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2011 by tiesebarrell
Hi guys,

First of all my congratulations for the latest release.
I have question regarding predefined tasks in both Modeler and Designer.
Is it possible (if yes, how to do it?) to create, say, a service task that is backed by some Java code and has predefined list of parameters and add it to the palette panel in both Designer and Modeler so that all other properties that are currently present in Designer and Modeler will be read-only or hidden (this is the best case), and a user will be able to add that task to the flow chart and define only available parameters.
We'd like to create a set of such tasks that only have parameter values editable. Our target users are not technical persons and limiting the errors they can produce is vital.