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Activiti Eclipse Designer Vs Web Modeler

Question asked by gs76pl on Feb 3, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2011 by mproch

i've just installed both web & eclipse version of activiti and have some question:
1. Why is eclipse plugin so limited in its functionality (2 gateway tasks, 7 different tasks, Start & Stop Task) as oppose to the web modeler (here one can find at least 2x, 3x more components and different parameters)?
2. If the Web Modeler is a way to go than where can i find saved file with my process? How can i make a deployable jar for activity-probe? How can i generate forms for human tasks?
3. Is it possible to read the process crated in modeler in the eclipse? I tried to do that with activity examples but could not do that because eclpse plugin reads .activity file and generates .bpmn20.xml and in this case I have .bpmn20.xml and don't have .activity?