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Activiti deployment? How do you deploy Activiti at your org?

Question asked by rickhigh on Feb 3, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2011 by tvetter
I am trying to get some ideas on how people deploy Activiti. Do you use it embedded? Did you just extend the REST-API war project? Do you actually deploy jar files to the REST-API war project? etc.

We have a project that is going to manage a series of batch jobs. Described here under problem domain. The first phase of the project will require no human interaction (HI), but future phases will.

I don't want to include HI, but I don't want to preclude it either.

It seems, in order to use the tools for Activiti with all of its tooling, tracking, auditing and process viewing, we need to deploy our jars under the activiti-rest webapp. Essentially the tools (modeler, probe, explorer, etc.) use the REST API for Activiti (I think).

I think we want to reduce this type of deployment as much as possible, i.e., we don't want to deploy just jar files that have tasks.

I assert: If we want custom tasks and want to use the Activiti tooling (likely as per last meeting at work) then we will have to deploy Java classes (jar files) into that webapp or create a webapp that encompasses our tasks and the REST API. I don't like this approach. I don't think we would be able to get this past SCM group.

The other option is to get a process id for the workflow send this around and have the clients of the workflow mark the current task as done (which will advance it to the next task or branch decision). This approach relies heavily on the API and in my opinion violates separating areas of concern.
Our original idea (Ian and I's) was to use a message bus (Spring Integration) to mark the task done and then each task sends out a message where one or more batch processes (living in another JVM) will handle that step and send a done message when they are done.
The other possibility is to run embedded and not use the tools (no chance of HI in the future and we loose a lot of the tracking ability of the workflow).

More complete posting with a list of possible options