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The Cycle of a Process

Question asked by ptriller on Feb 7, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2011 by bernd.ruecker

I was wondering how a real development cycle for Processes is supposed to work.
Creating Workflows in the activiti-modeler works great,
then exporting them for the developer works, too, but then I have a problem

I enhance the Process working with the xml, since the activiti-designer is not yet in a
productive ready state (at least the version I have).

But now I have a problem. How is it supposed to work when the process needs to be
adjusted ?
Do I have to make the changes directly in the XML ?
That is not really practical, all model driven developments are pretty much a hinderance if there is no full cycle possible.

Is this already implemented and I am only missing something, is this planned in the near future ?

I have to make a demo to my bosses until friday, so I have to choose a bpmn framework and setup a demonstration,
without a semi working development cycle I probably have to choose a different Framework, although from a
programming perspective I really like activiti the most.