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How to delete SequenceFlows from Diagram Editor?

Question asked by georgeflorentine on Feb 7, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2011 by yangyang.qian
Is there a way to delete SequenceFlows from the Activiti Diagram Editor? (I'm running 0.7.0). Selecting the sequence flow and clicking the delete key doesn't do anything, right clicking to access the context menu doesn't show a delete option, Edit-> on the Eclipse menu doesn't have any options enabled. And hovering over a sequenceflow arc doesn't show the popup context menu with the trash icon that appears when you hover over a task/gateway object on the diagram.

If a task or gateway object on the diagram is deleted, related sequenceflow objects are deleted but it would be nice to be able to delete a sequenceflow directly. I've thought about deleting the underlying xml and trying to get the sequence diagram to resynch with that but that feels a bit kludgy.