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Modeler creating invalid BPMN20...

Question asked by wolpert on Feb 14, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2011 by wolpert
I've got an example of where modeler is creating a BPMN20 xml file that should be valid by design, but fails. The rough steps are build something good, make it bad, try to fix it. You can't fix it it seems.  Here they are specifically…

1) Create a (valid) model with nested xor gateways in modeler. (Importing model via Probe works)
2) Modify model so that the xor gateways are logically invalid. (Importing model via Probe fails)
3) Fix model by removing changes, so it looks good again, not by hitting 'undo'. (Importing model still fails, when the gui 'looks' like the original.

I've done this example, and have an included tar file with resulting xml files. Step one files are in the 'Working' directory. Step 3 files are in the 'NotWorking' directory.  The files from step '2' are in the directory named Intermediary. If modeler is open during the whole process… you can use 'undo' to go back in time to step 1 when it works. This obviously doesn't help if a diagram took multiple days, where the app may have been restarted.